Catie Olson

Floor Length and Tux

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Modern Folk, GAG Gallery, Chicago

Level Eater 5.0, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago

ASCII 6, The Franklin, Chicago

Visitation Rites III, The Franklin, Chicago


Krampusnacht II, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago

Abominable FLAT, Multiples Art and Craft Fair

Flatuland, Floor Length and Tux, Chicago

ASCII 5, Triatriangle Gallery, Chicago

Un-86d Artist Bottle Project, CH Distillery, Chicago

Paul Germanos, Antena Gallery, Chicago


Krampusnacht, Floor Length and Tux, Chicago

Little Man Pee Pool Party: The Whiz Paddlers Lament, Antena Gallery, Chicago

Wind Chime, Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago

Over the Influence, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago

Tabletop, Defibrillator Performance Gallery, Chicago

Visitation Rights II, The Franklin, Chicago


Bridgeport Art Parade, Bridgeport Day, Version Fest 12, Chicago

Objet Petit Ahh..., Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago

ASCII 3, California Clipper, Chicago


Group Show, FLAT 9–11, Floor Length and Tux, Chicago

FLAT 9 Prelude, MDW Art Fair, Chicago

10 course meal, YouTube Assembly, Nightingale Theatre, Chicago

Mischief Night, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago


Installation, Gravity & Its Friends SpiderBug group show, Voice of the City Studio, Chicago

Group show, "Grown", Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago

Group Show, FLAT 5–8, Floor Length and Tux, Chicago

Performance, "It Has Come to Our Attention That We Do Not Own a Pair of Black Stilettos", Version Fest 10, Chicago


Group Show, Zombie: A Mindless Affair, Antena Gallery, Chicago

Joint sculpture piece, "Pie Art", The Last Supper, 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY

Organizer of SpiderBug Flunking Calculus, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago

Group show, FBI as part of DOGCAT, Swimming Pool Project Space, Chicago

Group Show, Shrill and a Half Block Party presented by Joymore Gallery, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago

Group Show, FLAT 1–4, Floor Length and Tux, Chicago

Group Show, Molotovia Cottontail vs. Dusty Bunnyfield, mini dutch gallery, Chicago

mini fair, miniFLAT, mini dutch gallery, Chicago

Group Show, inclusion for 12 X 12 of Edra Soto, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago


Organizer of SpiderBug Rube Goldberg Failures Screening Exhibition, Deadtech Gallery, Chicago

Associate Degree of Science, Chicago, Kansas City (MO) and St. Louis

The House of Seven Closets, Chicago

COMA 18, California Occidental Museum of Art


Organizer of SpiderBug Kickoff Screening, The Green Lantern, Chicago

Chicago Artists Month, Webster Wine Bar, Chicago

Synchronized Pieing, Central Park, NYC


A Night at the Races: Racecar is Racecar Backwards, but Piecar Forwards is a Challenge, Green Lantern Gallery, Chicago

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?, Elastic Arts Foundation Gallery, Chicago

COMA 7, California Occidental Museum of Art, Chicago

Laugh Seriously, Butcher Shop Dogmatic Gallery, Chicago

Around the Coyote Winter Arts Festival, Chicago


Snap to Grid, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

Strange and Bizarre Show, Peter Jones Gallery, Chicago

Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival, Chicago


Group exhibit, Gold Star, Chicago


Group exhibit, Monkey Business Gallery, Chicago

New Mark bold remark, Monkey Business Gallery, Chicago

Peoplespaces, Bighouse Space, Chicago